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Written By: frenchy on February 6, 2008 No Comment

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Another year, another film festival. Didn’t break my record of movies seen (23 last year), even had fun going to some of the festival parties in the closing weekend.
Had brilliant Monday after the last crew party: took the day off, heheh..

Best movie: Fear(s) Of The Dark (and scariest..)
Best FeelGood movie: Juno
Most Intense movie: Men’s Group
Most Disappointing movie: Let’s Finish!!!
Have a look at the rest of my ratings here.

Here’s the list of the Audience Award for the 2008 Festival:

# Film Score
1 Persepolis 4.5951
2 Est̫mago РA Gastronomic Story 4.4892
3 2KM2 – het heden van de stad 4.4731
4 Cordero de Dios 4.4524
5 Mio fratello è figlio unico 4.4500
6 No Country for Old Men 4.4266
7 War, Love, God & Madness 4.4037
8 Allein in vier Wänden 4.3381
9 Let the Right One in 4.3262
10 TBS 4.3109

Oh, check out the list of the Audience Awards for this years festival. First time ever for me to have seen the top three during the festival.

So, how was the festival itself? Fine,

Have a look at some of the pics I made this festival; counting down the days for next year!

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Written By: frenchy on February 5, 2008 No Comment

IFFR2008 – The Cinemas, originally uploaded by frenchy_rjp.

1. IFFR2008 – De Doelen,
2. IFFR2008 – Luxor,
3. IFFR2008 – Cinerama,
4. IFFR2008 – Lantaren/Venster,
5. IFFR 2008 – Rotterdam Schouwburg

Yeah, I know I left out Pathe and De Unie, but I despise the former and always ignore the latter ;o)

Created with fd’s Flickr Toys.

(this stuff is copyrighted to their creator/owner, so btfo and just enjoy!)

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Written By: frenchy on February 4, 2008 No Comment

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Movie: 881 (Royston Tan, Singapore, Japan, 2007, 105′) imdb link

Date: Feb 2, 2008

Rating: ★★★☆☆
(Great musical drama, just a bit too long)

Plot: Read user samuelding85’s excellent commentary on the film for more background on the Singapore musical tradition called Getai.
Back to the plot: two young women dream of becoming Getai artists and are willing to sacrifice everything. We see their rise to fame and the inevitable rivalry, drama, fun and loss.

Cast: Strong performances allround.

Visuals: Loved me those performance scenes, over the top costumes and gimmicks. Also, the magic/fantasy special effects were great fun!

Conclusion: It’s been compared to Moulin Rouge and rightly so: a musical drama with entertaining songs, props and drama.
Problem was the duration, 105 minutes was way too long.
I did enjoy this movie for its strengths and didn’t have too much problems with its weaknesses. An excellent festival closer!

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