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Hi and welcome to my little weblog-thingy!
What’s it all about? Well, I’ve been looking at this weblog experience like a lurker at a newsgroup, trying to get the right feeling about this truely unique and different medium of self-expression. Before the weblog there wasn’t any other way for people to express themselves so eloquently, I guess.. This space’ll be used for quite a lot of interesting topics, articles et cetera.. At least, things that I enjoy writing about and anybody else might find interesting.
So who the hell am I? Just a guy from Curaçao who’s been living here in Holland for about 25 years. I enjoy my Ben&Jerry’s ice cream and Apfelkorn like any other normal human being. Nuff said. Read on..
You can check out my most recent posts by having a look at the calendar and guess what? The linked dates contain the posts!

Mail me your reactions, questions, etc..

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