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Pete Philly And Perquisite – Mystery Repeats

Written By: frenchy on September 26, 2007 No Comment

General Description
Artist/Band: Pete Philly & Perquisite The  Pete Philly & Perquisite  Profile At MySpace || last fm logo
Album Title: Mystery Repeats
Year: 2007

Pete Philly & Perquisite - Mystery Repeats
Ambition, energy and quality.

How I Got Into This Music
Saw these guys on MTV (remember that?) and I didn’t realise they were Dutch. The strong presence of Pete Philly stuck with me and when Hieronymus Fox and me went to see them play live a while back, I saw a band that was entertaining, professional and ambitious. Their mix-up of rap and music styles works for me. Just read that this new album’s topping the Dutch charts, so I head to get me a listen.

Google Search for reviews of this album || Band details at Answers.com || More on the adlbum at last fm logo || Youtube Logo

Tracks that got my attention:
Clap Kick Flow
Excellent intro track, the vocal setup is a pleasant surprise.

Womb To Womb
A genuine Floor-Filler, catchy hook, nice raps and subtle production.

Fish To Fry
This one’s a very intelligently produced track – almost single material, not sure if it’d work, hey, I like it a lot!

Q & A
A catchy chorus isn’t enough in this case..

Wow, old-school scat crooning (mind out of the gutter please..). A very catchy song, skillful performance, showing the diverse range of rapper and band.

There’s a Galliano and Jamiroquai vibe going on, not sure if it works for me. I can imagine many a teenager chanting this one.

Last Love Song
Another Jamiroquai thing and remember, Jamiroquai wasn’t the originator of that style either.. But this track’s also one you have to see live.

Intro’s just a bit too much Outkast for my taste. The rest is quite okay.

A very mature track, great airplay potential.

High Tide
Taking risks, nice! Less safe, more interesting..

Mystery Repeats
Smart song, great energy, nice string arrangement in the background and in the chorus.

Time Flies
Love this song, melancholy yet feel good. Catchy, great vocals.

Hmm.. Yet another impressively professional music production from the Lowlands. I love the energy these guys have especially live. There is nothing wrong with this album, it deserves the attention and success it’s having, because these guys work friggin’ hard to deliver the goods.
My review is a mix of pros and cons: not totally my taste, sometimes sounding a bit too much like other current artists, but.. They’re more than okay, I’m very curious how these guys evolve and there’s no friggin’ reason for this band not to become successful internationally.
In the meantime, go see this band perform live, their energy is worth it!!

Rating: ★★★½☆

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