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Concert(s): Numoonfest 2006

Written By: frenchy on December 11, 2006 8 Comments

General Info
Festival: NuMoonFest
Location: Lantaren/Venster, Rotterdam
When: 9/10 December 2006

What’s it about?
Well, read about the festival here. It’s an interesting combo of different styles of jazz, electronic music, etc. and also movie documentaries. It’s my first visit, but it’s definitely a great experience! Was there with me mates, Hieronymus Fox and DenDen.

Day 1 (09-DEC)
Hazy recollection, it’s the apfelkorn and sleep deprivation, bare with me ;) Enjoyed a nice set by Belgian band Sweet Coffee, but was very much impressed by young Dutch talent Jeruma. The guy has a great voice!
The main attraction of the evening for me was that crazy combo of ultimate weirdness: Benny Sings with Rednose District. Awesome performance, played a lot of stuff I like of their album. These guys were a bit too mellow sometimes, chatting with each other and almost neglecting the audience, but hey, they’re Superstars (at least, here in Holland). I didn’t mind that too much coz when they connected with the audience, it was very good stuff!
This evening’s closing act: C-Mon and Kypski. Wow! These guys are funny and off-beat combining all possible styles of music and instrumentation. Much, much better than the stuff I heard on their myspace site.

Day 2 (10-DEC)
Slow start of the evening, still a bit hung over, but all for a good cause, heheh.. First surprise of the evening: Miss Sabrina Starke, damn! A very young and talented soul singer who for sure will mature into a songstress in the near future. At this moment she sounds a bit like Randy Crawford (but with more depth) and that’s quite an achievement! Dutch singer Corey was performing on another stage at the same time, but she really lost out to Starke.
Next on the menu: Monsieur Dubois, a Dutch jazz band with great musicians and a groovy modern feel. Great performance, but after ten minutes, Hieronymus Fox told me we should go listen to the best thing happening during this festival: Leslie Nielsen!! Nope, not the actor, but a small three-piece band with excellent musicians. These guys work hard, very very hard to entertain their audience and seem to have fun in doing so. They were playing at the same time as Monsieur Dubois and again the smaller stage drew the largest crowd. Lady Sherma did a coupla tracks on (guest) vocals and totally blew the roof off the place!

Final performance by Briskey was interesting: a Moloko/Portishead hybrid with incredibly motivated musicians – liked the lady doing the vocals: she dominated the stage with her presence.

It’s safe to say that for me, this festival was a great experience: listening to artists trying something different, something new. And listening to musicians I never heard of before offers both rewards and annoyances (Nelson & Djosa). So, yep, it was highly enjoyable!

Rating: ★★★★☆

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8 Responses to “Concert(s): Numoonfest 2006”

  1. Jogy said:

    So, you had a nice weekend with a lot of music. I’m not really a fan of jazz although I like combinations with rock, but I think it was a bit more then only music.
    Did you see some of the documentairies?

  2. frenchy said:

    Yeah, well.. I kinda got distracted by all the music around me.. ;o)
    Was planning to go see the documentaries, but it just didn’t happen..

  3. Jogy said:

    that always the problem when a program is full with interresting stuf.

    I see that you changed the lay-out, different, but easier to read :-)

  4. frenchy said:

    yeah, you like?
    i wanted to make it a bit more readable, you’re right..
    still fixing stuff across different browser versions, but
    it kinda works for me..

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  6. Jogy said:

    I like this lay-out, it better readable and less busy. I like also the color orange, I use it also on my own blog as you know.

  7. frenchy said:

    yeah, strangely enough: orange really is my favorite color ;)

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