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Bitacle, or how a small swarm can start..

Written By: frenchy on September 22, 2006 14 Comments

Bitacle.org – blog content thieves? These guys use your rss feed and display them on their site with Google Ads, making money of your content while telling you it’s all about archiving your site.. smart monkeys, but there’s some rising dissent about these guys..
check technorati and my pal jogy’s post

Here’s a nice link with a great summary of the situation so far at Desirable Roasted Coffee


  1. Bitacle hits the technorati top-10 search (meta-problems can be funny)
  2. Here’s a blogger who first had doubts about bitacle and then changed his/her mind and kinda tells us to stop making a big fuss about it.. This is my interpretation of that post, I may have misunderstood the message, but nevertheless I thought I’d post a comment ;)
  3. Not a big fan of crusades myself, so I’m not sure if I’ll be actively wage war on Bitacle, maybe I will, maybe I won’t..


  1. Well, the negative momentum is small but present, there’s even a blog about the whole thing: http://stopbitacleorg.wordpress.com/
  2. Is there really room for a possible misunderstanding, party due to the language barrier? Check out the 5th comment on this post. I’ve checked some Spanish sites (y mi Espanol no es tan bien para comprender todo, but hey..) and although most of them are positive about bitacle, there are some people who are less happy about it.
  3. There have also been posts about the frontpage and setup of the site being similar to that of Netvibes


  • Summed up some of my final thoughts here

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14 Responses to “Bitacle, or how a small swarm can start..”

  1. Jogy's weblog said:

    re: Aanklacht tegen Bitacle.org…

  2. Jogy said:

    Thanks pal!

    let’s fight those idiots. Stop these thieves steling everyone content for there one purpose!

  3. Jogy's weblog said:

    Vervolg op acties tegen de dieven van Bitacle.org…

  4. Jacques said:

    Who’s first to pull the plugs at bitacle.org? No, don’t burn the building they’re in or hang these bitacle.org people from the telephonepole. Just pull the plugs!

  5. Weblog said:

    re: Im Dunklen f…

  6. Billy The Blogging Poet said:

    Howdy Frenchy,
    Thanks for stopping by.

    As you know from reading my post I looked into Bitacle quite some time back, but here’s a suggestion just in-case Bitacle happens to be a scraper: You and I, as well as most bloggers, are nobody for a corporation or a crook to fear so odds are we wouldn’t get very far but I have a way of dealing with scrapers that has served me well in the past. I’ll lay it out for everyone to see.

    Most scrapers are run by some sort of robot. That’s to our advantage if we are indeed fighting a scraper. You see, robots don’t know the difference between Frenchy’s blog and a blog belonging to the New York Times, Washington Post, BBC., or whatever the big media company in France happens to be called. (Please excuse my ignorance of France, I’m a dumbed-down American and don’t speak the language.)

    So here’s what you do: If anyone can find scraped content belonging to a big media company then simply send an e-mail to the editor of that big media company saying, “Pardon me for bothering you but do you realize (insert website here) is stealing the content of your newspaper by scraping feeds and is profiting from your content?”

    I’ve used this several times with lots of success. Many of the editors won’t bother to reply (some do) but all will forward your e-mail to their legal department and if they are in-fact doing something illegal their corporate law dogs will attack– hard and fast.

    Using this technique I’ve brought down scrapers in 72 hours or less without ever doing anything else. Make the big media companies aware and if Bitacle is doing anything illegal they’ll soon be gone.

    After all, I don’t know about you but starving poets such as myself can’t afford legal departments so I just “drop a dime.” Or in this case 7.5 Eurocents. ;-)

  7. frenchy said:

    ..and I was just getting ready to go to bed ;)

    Hiya Billy, thanks for stopping by my lil place in the blogosphere.

    Yep, I’m reasonable sure your approach to scrapers will work and will keep on working.

    To me, this whole thing is typical internet. Read (or at least, tried to) some Spanish bloggers who use bitacle and most of their experiences were fine. There’s a certain “much ado about nothing” quality to all this and a certain amount of lacking information and definitely some mob mentality, BUT I do understand people’s feelings concerning this site. I do think these guys should’ve put some more effort in the information supply dept.

    And as I’ve been checking on the web, I even found a site that offers feed streaming of sites that don’t have a feed (ponyfish dot com)..

    Many a common sense metaphor can apply to this s(h)ituation ;)

    Btw: I don’t mind your ignorance of France, the nickname can be misleading coz I’m Dutch.. Just don’t start about windmills and everything ‘ll be fine, heheh..

    Now, I’m really off to fight some bed bugs :)

  8. Feeling Bitacle at twopointouch: web 2.0, blogs and social media said:

    [...] Update: this is all over the place. Suggested solutions: an .htaccess rule that blocks their IP, use short feeds, pester google and yahoo, make sure big media owners find out their content is being ripped. Filed under: opinions   |   Tags: clickfraud, creative commons, splog. [...]

  9. Frenchy’s Fracas » Bitacle and Splogs: Final Thoughts said:

    [...] tWas quite a busy night I spent reading and discussing on the intarwub thingy about what’s been happening with bitacle dot org. Here’s what happened: [...]

  10. Those Bastards!! (bitacle.org) at spoken for said:

    [...] frenchysfracas.com/…onmymind20060922/ [...]

  11. Interesting links « Stop bitacle.org said:

    [...] Frenchy’s Fracas: Bitacle, or how a small swarm can start.. [...]

  12. Jacques said:

    Most popular page frenchy. How about that! ;o)

  13. frenchy said:

    heheh.. weird and ironic, I guess ;)

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